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Our Approach

Easy Living Ventures is a Louisiana Based real-estate company that specializes in problem solving. We match home owners that are having hardships with real estate property with real estate investors, who pay cash for properties.

Our Story

Easy Living  Ventures was founded in 2002 by Glenda Rounds to assist individuals with moderate income, as well as the elderly with opportunities to obtain affordable housing. In 2005 the Louisiana gulf coast was devastated by hurricane Katrina, as a result thousands of home owners were displaced, and many never returned to their homes.  For the past 13 years, Easy Living Ventures has purchase and renovated devastated or blighted homes in an effort to move the revitalization of New Orleans in a positive direction.

Meet the Team

Glenda Rounds


Ms. Rounds  is a licensed contractor and real estate agent in the state of Louisiana. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Jackson State University. For the past 13 years Ms. Rounds has worked her passion in construction, renovating homes devastated by Hurricane Katina. To date, she has sold over $50 million in real estate in Louisiana.

Josh Rounds


Mr. Rounds is Tulane graduate with a masters in Energy Management, a bachelors degree in Business Management, and a minor in Marketing. He is a serial entrepreneur with 5+ years of business experience, which he has used to successfully create multiple profit generating companies.

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